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Subject Line: What stops you? The real question is this...
You're pleased with what you've accomplished in your life. However, a voice inside your head says you should be further advanced than you are. But what's stopping you from making the impact that you want?

The solution: step outside of your comfort zone. Become fearless. Break your limitations, take action, and crash down the barriers that stand in your way.

Nothing can stop you from living a life that you believe you deserve. The real question is…

Are you ready to dominate? Fast Forward to Success will assist you to overcome your limitations and take massive  action to achieve greater success and live an incredible life.

Fast Forward to Success is a collection of true stories about people who turned their troubles into stepping stones to success! The struggles, worries, excitement, and hard-earned lessons shared by entrepreneurs, authors, millionaires, coaches, and investors are revealed in this book compilation, which you may use on YOUR journey to success.

Fast Forward to Success is jam-packed with real-world techniques that will help you actively discover the obstacles to your success while also giving you the tools to overcome them. If you utilize the wisdom and inspiration offered in Fast Forward to Success , you can achieve greater success, better prospects, and a brighter future.

Ready to gain the confidence to break your limitations and move forward with your goals and dreams? Then grab a copy of your own Fast Forward to Success! Click here now:
Subject Line: limiting beliefs? invest in yourself...
Can you relate to being raised with "limiting beliefs" -- in some form?

Were you programmed to believe that life would always be difficult? You're not alone...

You frequently hear people talk about hard work, skill development, and problem-solving...

The book "Fast Forward to Success," written by successful people who conquered greater heights, and faced devastating adversities, tells stories and experiences that shaped and prepared them to win in life...

... Discusses how to become a better version of yourself, become unstoppable by facing your fear, and live your best life through personal reinvention...

There are VITAL TIPS you can gain without going through the process of "struggling or hardship" that most authors learned the hard way. This book unfolds the crucial choices and sacrifices some of the authors needed to make to get what they want… which you may use on YOUR journey to success.

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P.S. Invest in yourself, and invest for the long term. Those pearls of wisdom found in the book will never go out of style. Equip yourself so that you can perform better in life. Get the book and watch yourself grow into a better person you never thought possible.
Subject Line: Fast Forward... to Success?
A personal question... What advice would you give to your "past" self 5 years ago? What about 10, 15, even 30 years down the line?

I'm guessing... you'd have a lot to say, but you could also summarize that sage advice into just a few quick sentences, if you had to...

Of course, there's virtue in cliches like "the journey is the destination" or "the struggle made me stronger"... but.... wouldn't you rather "fast forward" the unnecessarily difficult struggles, and focus on what's really important?

That's why we want you to grab yourself a copy of "Fast Forward to Success"... available here:
Subject Line: What BIG DREAM have you chosen to chase?
Many people are motivated by their dreams. Many people wish to be a billionaire, have a successful career, achieve world peace, or have any other dreams that can drastically alter someone’s life.

However, not all dreams are created equal, and not all dreams come true.

Have you ever pursued a BIG DREAM? What has been your BIG DREAM for all of these years?

I was a big dreamer and set stretch goals for myself, but I had no idea how to reach my destination. I’ve had to overcome several obstacles and hardships...

Dreams become IMPOSSIBLE when you don't put in the effort to achieve them!

If you want to know how a dreamer took BIG CHANCES to chase after a BIG DREAM, check out the book,

“Fast Forward to Success”

See how I took on the challenge that everyone deemed impossible to fulfill!
Subject Line: What’s Your Greatest Pursuit in Life?
Why has God has given you the life you have right now? Have things in your life not turned out the way you expected? There are no excuses, believe it or not. The greatest adventure you can ever conceive is living a life committed to God!

P.S. Get the Book now! I, Sylvia Suhr, will share why having Faith in God will change the course of your life. I will help you discover how to live the precious life that God has given you. You will surely love it, so claim your book right now, while it's still fresh on your mind.
Subject Line: a lover of animals?
Animals, especially DOGS, have a special place in everyone's heart.

Almost certainly, you have a pet dog that you pamper as if it were a child, lavishing joy and love on...

However, training takes a lot of time, patience, and commitment. How will you go about it? What steps will you take to help them become more disciplined?

Your dog's comfort levels are paramount. I work on this exercise with patience until we have success. This is a vital step in training your dog to show you respect...

Your dogs are lovely and much-loved pets. Patience is required in order to achieve your goal!

Check out my latest contribution to the book "Fast Forward to Success" to learn more about the dog training you'll need to conduct...

And discover how I trained my dogs to be well-behaved!
Subject Line: Get Un-Stuck! Overcome Your Challenges and Achieve a Growth Mindset...
When life throws hurdles your way, it's difficult to keep your focus on your goals and dreams... right?

With the correct mindset, you can overcome any hurdle and achieve anything you set your mind to...

Regardless of the problems you confront, I have a new book to get you to establish a development attitude and achieve your goals...

In Fast Forward to Success, I offer ideas and advice so you overcome hurdles, stay motivated, and succeed. With this book as your guide, you can reach your full potential and create a better life...

Stay motivated even when things get tough, persist through setbacks, and cultivate a positive attitude that will help you reach your goals...

Grab your copy now and start making progress towards the future you desire:
Subject Line: attract the life you desire
Since the pandemic hit, your way of life has never been the same. You are navigating unknown waters, with the shore far beyond your line of sight...

You frequently feel trapped in a cycle, forcing ourselves to do something you know you would rather not do. But how can you prepare yourself to be open to change?

When you let go of something in your mind, you create more space to imagine, have a vision, and dream.

It is now time for you to make a change. Your time is valuable. You will never be able to get it back. Lost time can never be recovered.

You have the ability to make a difference and live the life you desire. You hold the keys to unlocking the doors to your destiny…

This is YOUR opportunity to shine and make a difference!

How do you get started? Buy my new book Fast Forward to Success, where my chapter, "Supernatural Success" gets you to change your mindset and open yourself up to possibilities can lead to a more fulfilling and better version of yourself:

P.S. You only have one life... why not make the most of it?
Subject Line: become the person you want to be
You can transform into the person you want to be, if you put effort into it.
But.. do you know what exact actions you should take to achieve this?

Improving your skills can help you achieve personal career goals. Your skillset can progress your career or possibly earn a job in a new field...

Claim your copy of my new book now... I share everything you need to know about how you can achieve your dreams through Hard Work, Skill-Building, and Problem-Solving:

P.S. You'll also discover why it’s vital to succeed in today’s digital world. You will love this!
Subject Line: the best version of you
You live in a highly fast-paced world, looking for more than you have. However, there has recently been a trend toward searching internally for contentment -- preferring experiences to goods, income flexibility, concentrating on becoming who YOU truly are...

What does it mean to be the best version of yourself? Is it living up to your potential, or is there more to it? I guarantee you've thought about this... as you seek identity, confidence, and purpose in your life.

When the answers you find fall short of your expectations, you should begin asking the critical questions that will lead you to understand how to maximize personal growth and be the best version of yourself...

Check out the book "Fast Forward to Success" where we unpack all these issues and get YOU to where YOU need to go:
Subject Line: don’t let fears haunt you
Letting your fears get the best of you? Does your fear overpower your potential?

You are afraid of something, but remember: you become unstoppable once you overcome your fear. Whatever you are scared of, use it to your advantage and achieve control…

When you overcome fear, you discover your hidden potential and the ability to reach new heights...

Learn how to face your fears head-on so you can become the person you're meant to be!

Check out my new book "Fast Forward to Success" where I share how you can face YOUR fear head-on to become unstoppable:
Could your child end up in prison? The sad truth is, yes!

A simple barrier, such as difficulty with reading at an early age can set your child up for failure.

Poor reading skill in young children can lead to later trouble with the law and is often linked to the school-to-prison pipeline.

Did you know that 85% of all juveniles in the US juvenile court system are illiterate?

You can prevent reading difficulties impacting on your child's life.
You can set your child on the path to success, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Grab your copy of "Fast Forward to Success" and help your child cross the bridge to literacy:
Subject Line: Take control of your wellbeing
Take care of our health! You would rather prevent an ailment than cure it. Health is Wealth!

Modern medicine has come a long way... we can now heal diseases that were formerly thought to be fatal.

BUT! We are still a long way from optimizing our approaches to reduce, if not eliminate, fatality rates...

I have a new book... Are you proud of me?

It's called "Fast Forward to Success" and my chapter -- "My Health Journey Begins" -- explains my personal experience of going to clinic after clinic after they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me... but don't worry... it has a "happy" ending!

I took matters into my own hands, trusted my instincts, and discovered a better approach to cure myself, and live life without having to worry about another trip to the doctor's office...

Claim your copy of the book here: